Concrete and Clay tiles from Chris Ball Roofing

Concrete and clay tiles from Chris Ball Roofing are some of the best in the business. We are pleased to offer a wide range of quality concrete and clay tiles from all the leading manufacturers, from machine made concrete to hand made clay tiles.

When you contact us with your tile or roofing requirements, our experienced and trained technicians are able to advise on a specific design.

With the use of either single or double camber plain tiles, an individual bespoke appearance can be achieved.

Why Choose Chris Ball Roofing for Concrete and Clay tiles?

Chris Ball Roofing is a long established, family run business based in South London.

We are passionate about offering a wide range of comprehensive roofing solutions to suit many different projects, requirements and budgets. Whether it is tiles you need or something more, we have the solution.

We offer lots of information about what we do on our website, but if you have any questions or want a free and no obligation quote, why not Contact Chris Ball Roofing for more information.

Did you know that we also offer flat roofing and pitched roofing solutions?

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