Specialist Roofing reports

Moving home?
We have assisted hundreds of customers ensure that any potential house purchase is completed with a full understanding of any potential roof problems which may be present together with relevant costs which can be used to negotiate purchase price and avoid any nasty surprises.

We have had first-hand experience with customers who have purchased a property without prior knowledge of roof problems, the consequence of which can be very costly indeed.

Your home is probably the biggest purchase you will ever make, do not rely on a simple mortgage Roofing reports, potential problems with roofs can run into tens of thousands of pounds, most surveyors will advise their clients to obtain specialist reports on roofs.


Many customers simply request a ‘free estimate’ this is fine for a resident homeowner however prior to purchase a comprehensive report should be carried out, few companies will go into such detail when providing a ‘free estimate’. Few companies have the knowledge across the complete spectrum of roof materials as we do.

  • We can provide a specialist Roof report for your proposed property purchase identifying any current or potential issues.
  • We provide a full report with photos cross referenced in a manner you will fully understand.
  • We access all roof areas when it is safe to do so, alternatively we have high powered Zoom cameras to get very close and identify the slightest crack or defect.
  • We are happy to liaise with the vendor and explain exactly what we have identified as well as how we have arrived at prices.
  • You can be confident with our service, with over thirty years’ experience we know exactly what we are looking at and more importantly looking for when it comes to identifying potential future problems.
  • You will receive a completely unbiased report, we are getting paid for our time therefore if no work is required, we will tell you exactly that.

Our charge for this service is £350 plus VAT which (assuming work is required, and we are instructed after purchase) will be discounted from final invoice.

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