Did you know that insulation is now a statutory requirement?

Under new law, all new roofs should be insulated to current building regulation standards.

At Chris Ball Roofing, we always ensure your new roof is fully compliant with current building standards. Our experienced and professional team of technicians stay up to date with all changes in legislation to ensure that we deliver the most current solutions possible.

What’s more, we only use the finest materials to ensure long life and full service.

When you contact us, we are able to advise you on correct specifications in regards to your ventilation . This is to ensure that future decay of timber structures and condensation are avoided – saving you hassle and money in the long run.

Working With Us

Chris Ball Roofing has a reliable and honest work ethic, which we believe our customers can trust in. With a long history in the industry dating back to 1965, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge within our sector.

Our team of fully professional and trained technicians are on hand to help advise on and install a variety of property and roofing products into your building, whether for domestic or commercial properties and to a range of budgets.

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