Pitched Roofing

Pitched roofing is one of our essential services here at Chris Ball Roofing. The key feature of pitched roofing is that the roof is slanted (usually in two directions, connecting at a point in the middle to form a triangle), allowing water to run off the roof naturally.

Pitched roofs are traditional, stylish and homely, adding that final touch of comfort to the overall aesthetic of your house. This is one of the primary reasons why people opt for pitched roofing, along with the easy drainage and inherent structural strength.

We offer our pitched roofing services across London, using established techniques to create durable, waterproof roofs that will protect your home for many years to come.


Our focus is on providing our clients with a roofing solution that is built to last. That’s why we use tried and tested methods along with expert workmanship; one of the keys to a healthy, long-lasting roof is the use of high-quality materials and exceptional products.

To complement our qualified and experienced technicians, we use only the best fabrics and resources available, ensuring that we can produce a durable roof without compromising on quality.

Interlocking Concrete

A favourite of construction companies and homeowners alike, interlocking concrete is quick to install and cheap to purchase. The large slab size makes interlocking concrete easier to lay, whilst its clean, uniform appearance gives the roof a much more contemporary appearance.

Interlocking concrete supplies your roof with a quick, easy and secure installation method. Take note, though, if you have a particularly complicated roof layout then the large slab size may make this roofing solution more expensive, due to the time required to cut the concrete to size.

Man-Made and Natural Slate

Slate is a mid-range roofing option that sky-rocketed in popularity during the Victorian era. We work with both man-made and natural slate, each offering their own advantages.

Man-made slate is often cheaper, larger and more uniform, enabling fast installation and a clean look. On the flip side, natural slate is more expensive but offers a more rustic, rough-cut look which can add charm to your home. Furthermore, natural slate has a much longer lifespan and can resist even the harshest of weather conditions, making it a great investment.

If you’re looking for a trusted, durable solution, slate may well be the solution for you.

Handmade, Machine-Made and Decorative Tiles

Regardless of your budget or price range, there is usually a type of tile that will fit into it.

Clay and concrete tiles are the classic roofing solution, with clay usually being selected for its beautiful, natural colours and concrete as a well-priced alternative. Both clay and concrete tiles can vary in price, though, depending on how they are made and how detailed they are. Handmade tiles are traditional but are usually more expensive, giving your home a more charming look; machine-made tiles are cheaper, more uniform and contemporary whilst decorative tiles feature lots of detail, making them beautiful when used in moderation.

Here at Chris Ball Roofing, we have seen and installed countless different tiles throughout London, solidifying our pitched roofing construction service as one of the most versatile in the area. No matter your desired style, we can help.

Why Choose Chris Ball Roofing?

We specialise in tailoring our service to you – focusing our efforts on supplying you with the solution that is most appropriate for your situation. We take pride in using our expertise to offer honest advice, aiming to provide you with a roof that fulfils your needs and lasts a lifetime.

Having established ourselves as one of London’s leading pitched roofing installers, we have spent over a decade perfecting our techniques and creating a truly client-focused service.

To see more of our work take a look at our Facebook page, or if you want to discuss your options further then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.