Why Should You Use a Family Business?

When it comes to hiring a contractor or company to fix or repair your roof, you want a roofing specialist in London you can trust to do a good job while keeping you informed and also being cost-effective to your pocket.

Which is why Chris Ball Roofing, a family owned and run company, is the best choice for all homeowners; we will happily take on your roof repair or replacement jobs, big or small. What other benefits can a family business bring to you, our customer?

Great Teamwork

Although we are a family business with members of the family as staff, we have an expansive team of dedicated, hard-working individuals, and after working at Chris Ball Roofing for a short while, we all become family, whether we are related or not. This means we have fantastic relationships within the team which reflects in the quality of our work as we carry out jobs more productively.

Pride in Our Work

You can trust that a family business will take the utmost pride in our finished work. We want you to proudly share our name when someone admires a job well done so we will always complete jobs to the best of our ability, often going above and beyond to provide you with top-level service.

Higher Levels of Trust

There are no pointing fingers at Chris Ball, we rely on each other to communicate openly and honestly between the team and we can trust that our employees and team members will always provide high-quality service, alongside a strong work ethic.

We Work for You

One of the strongest aspects of choosing a family business over another is that our team is here to work solely for you, the customer. Our team of hard-working employees aren’t worried about pleasing the foreman or the boss, it’s all about making sure our customers understand what we are carrying out and performing a job that will leave them happy.

Hand-Picked Team Members

The Managing Director of a company is the one who sets the important values of a business and the larger the company, the more detached the MD becomes from their team. Our Managing Director has personally chosen every member of the team, so you can trust that every individual you meet holds the same values as our MD and is considered fully-qualified, approachable and ambitious.

When you are concerned about roof repairs or replacement and need a roofing specialist for your London home, consider family owned and run Chris Ball Roofing. Our friendly team are available to contact on 020 8291 3388 or you can reach us by email at

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