What is Ubiflex?

Ubiflex is a great non-lead flashing. It is ideal when you have a problem with lead theft as Ubiflex can be put in its place, and signs can be displayed to prevent re-occurrences of lead theft on the property.

Why use Ubiflex?

Ubiflex is the only flexible flashing system with a BBA Certificate. It has also been BRE wind tunnel tested to 110mph and is accepted by the NHBC.

Not only this, but it is lighter than lead; it can be worked in both directions and is self-sealing if punctured.

It is also not susceptible to thermal movement. Aprons up to 12m long can be formed without seams or expansion joints and there is less wastage with this product than with traditional materials.

You can also use this product to form damp proof courses and cavity trays in masonry walls.

Ubiflex is compatible with all common building materials and components, such as thermal panels, extract flues, ventilators and roof lights, and does not cause unsightly staining.


Ubiflex comes in 3 great colours; Black, Grey and Terracotta. It is suitable for all applications where lead would traditionally be used, such as:

  • Stepped Flashings
  • Abutment Flashing
  • ubiflexChimney Flashings
  • Pitched Valley Lining
  • Rooflights and Solar Panels
  • Dormers

For more information on getting Ubiflex fitted on your property, contact Chris Ball Roofing today.

We are professional technicians, fully trained and qualified to fit the product quickly and properly onto your home or business property.